Data protection and disclaimer

Liability for contents:

The Schiettinger Group is able to fulfil the requirements laid down in the Bundesdatenschutzgesetzes (BDSG - Federal Data Protection Law). Personal data, i.e. information, using which an individual person can be directly identified or which permits their identification, shall not be recorded.

The use of our Website is generally possible without submitting personal data. Should personal data (for example names, addresses or eMail addresses) be recorded, this shall always take place if possible, on a voluntary basis. This data shall not be forwarded to third parties without your express permission.

We reserve the right to change or update the information in this Website at any time and without prior announcement. This also applies for improvements and/or changes to the products and services described on this Website.

Liability for contacts:

The Schiettinger Group allows interested parties to contact them through special Online forms or through telephone enquiries. In order to answer these enquiries, personal data is recorded.

By entering your personal data, you shall agree that we may process and use your personal data for the implementation and processing of your request. You have the right to rescind this agreement at any time in the future. However, should your data already have been used for the processing of already-ordered services or goods, we shall be authorised to use your data for these purposes.

Forwarding of your personal data on to third parties or usage over and above the processing of your enquiry shall not take place. Should forwarding to third parties be required in order to answer an enquiry, the permission from the person making the enquiry shall be considered as given.

The data you have provided shall in particular not be used for advertising purposes.
Guarantee exclusion:
The information, data and contents of this Website are continuously being checked and updated. In spite of all our care, information we provide may have in the meantime changed. Therefore we cannot be held liable for the Website's correctness, completeness and up-to-date status.
The security of the data transmitted to us via the Internet cannot be guaranteed. However, we can guarantee that transmitted data shall only be used for the intended purpose and processed according to the regulations laid down by the Bundesdatenschutzgesetzes (BDSG).

Corrections, updates and selection options

Should you discover errors in the personal data you have provided to the Schiettinger Group, you can inform us of any changes necessary via eMail to the following address:


All articles and images published on these Internet pages are protected through copyright laws. Text, images and graphics shall be subject to copyright law protection and other protection laws. Every usage not permitted due to the copyright requires prior written permission from the provider. This is in particular the case for the copying, editing, translation, storage, processing or reproduction of contents in databases or other electronic media and systems. Photocopies and downloads of Internet pages may only be made for personal, private and non-commercial usage.

Log files and cookies

The Internet presentation by the Schiettinger Group shall abstain from the usage of cookies for legal data protection reasons. Users of the Website shall not be identified by us and their individual user behaviour shall not be determined. However, it contains reference to other Internet pages (links).
As operators of the Internet presentation for the Schiettinger Group, we have no influence on the contents of the linked pages. These were carefully checked prior to release of the links. However, we cannot exclude the possibility that operators of these pages have undertaken changes to content which contravene applicable laws or the philosophy of the Schiettinger Group. The Schiettinger Group hereby distances itself from such content.